New Roblox High School Codes For Boys and Girls

Have you been familiar with Roblox High School? How do you get the Roblox high school code? Created by Cindering in April 2009 which was ten years ago, it is known to be a famous game played by 524 million visits.

This game was quite familiar for school ages since it takes place in a small town along with the places like a club, stores, restaurants, schools and other locations. In this game, the players act as if they were in the real life. They can buy cars, gear, earn money, and many more.

Do you want to more about the game? Check out the following review to find some description about the game.

Roblox High School Codes


Gameplay is the main point of the game you should know. It includes the 8 teams consisting of school principals, teachers and staffs, freshmen, shopomores, seniors, juniors, cheerleaders and athletes. They are all the main teams that you can maintain to play in the game.

To earn money, you can choose the 4 game passes which are gold VIP, Club DJ, enforcer’s powers and unrestricted DJ powers. If you have the both DJs, you will be able to earn money. It means you are acting as the DJ.

Like in the real life, Roblox high school codes lets you live in a complete package. This way, you can go to school, swimming pool, go camping and fishing, or buy a house as well as rent an apartment.

Roblox High School 2

Events Held In The Play

There are some events held in the play just like in the real life. The most popular events are ghost hunt event, holiday events and thanksgiving events. The ghost hunt event uses tool called “magic net” and “ghost bait” to hunt and catch the ghost. It is played along with the music background.

The holiday event allows the players to pick up the green glowing gifts spread out around the map. There will also be the gift hunt and the holiday sale as well as daily gifts. Meanwhile, the thanksgiving events can be played and joined in the game also by presenting some gifts as the thanksgiving actions.

Roblox High School


Something that is considered unimportant to happen is called trivia. Dealing with Roblox high school codes, the trivia includes the easter egg where the players can enter the secret room through the cracked door particularly on the second floor of the school. However, this was removed in the mid of 2015.

You can also play a loud song along with the DJ stand but you can also be banned temporarily to continue. Roblox High School took the music from Nintendo game which is popular with Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Roblox High School Codes offers a sequel game that is Roblox High School 2. This sequal game was also created by Cindering along with the developer team.

Roblox High School Codes

  • 500 Credits – StarOfTheShow
  • 250 Credits – RHS2ad
  • HEARTSFORALLS for free credits.
  • LOVEISINTHEAIR for 150 coins
  • NightRider – Free Coins.
  • SOONTM – Free 100 Coins Instantly.

Boy Clothes Roblox High School Codes 2019

  • 214492995
  • 1260743202
  • 1276271715
  • 1267547257
  • 127579196
  • 979214987
  • 1183540414
  • 660085361
  • 1171381690
  • 1275579196
  • 575732309

Girl Clothes Roblox High School Codes 2019

  • 4000038396
  • 904135075
  • 333344081
  • 878570985
  • 431521417
  • 407585852
  • 271174976
  • 850149459
  • 223875210
  • 903998362
  • 411598602

Hope you find useful information regarding Roblox high school codes in this post. Happy gaming!

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